‘LINUX’ is the word which first hits your mind on hearing FOSS.Well it should be.Linux was an effort of Linus Torvalds and many others in developing a unix-like OS.In fact, we use GNU/Linux operating systems with linux at the kernel.The GNU project and Linux started around the same time with similar motivation ‘a free and opensource counterpart for unix’.They were partially completed and merged to create a standalone OS. Most of the kernel side implementation belonged to linux and the interface and programs belonged to GNU.So next time you say linux think again and get used to say GNU/Linux.

The GNU project did great contributions which we would probably use most in our developments.For example GCC(GNU Compiler Collection) which we use to compile our program GTK(GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP Tool Kit) which we use draw windows,borders,buttons etc… on our desktop and much more. Hence, remember its part in the entire GNU/Linux.

A word about Git

For opensource programs like Linux where a lot of patches and issues along with a stable and future versions to be stored, a version control system plays a vital role.Early systems may have used tedious copy paste efforts.Keeping that in mind Linus Torvalds invented the “GIT” a VCS solution.It uses branching and merge to keep the stable version clean and working on a new patch simultaneously as simple as pi.Later a web interface of git have been launched, the ‘github’ which personally Linus hates as per an email interview conducted by wired.com.But still github makes it easier for making pull request and opening issues. We’ll see the power of git and github also see their pros and cons while working with them to create our dream OS…

Last word : experience git hands-on

Start here:https://github.com/FossMec/practice-sess