What is ML and AI ?

Nature has always inspired man.Birds which transformed to aircraft and fish which transformed to boats and submarines and even more. After all, what do we have after a man. Humans are known for their intelligent ways of interaction with their environment.Understanding and cloning such capabilities has been the dream for the founding fathers of Artificial Intelligence.When learning got attributed to the human inteligence the field of research turned its focus to the natural learning workflows. Mathematical modelling of the situation and rigorous mathematical formulations by the masterminds through ages has evolved to the field of Machine Learning.Informally it has been defined as “the ability of a machine to achieve a task without being explicitly programmed for”. ML can be considered as the road to the dream of AI. Certain methods in ML together called Deep Learning is the next best thing for the field.Deep learning methods have been employed in enumerous tasks which could have been impossible otherwise. Some samples below

Our field had some acceleration onset of 2015 and is still on fire. Rigorous startegies to tackle the field has to be employed to follow among this fields.We’ll seek help from men experienced in the field and share our knowledge among ourselves.The following milestones should be set to achieve the same. Any suggestion for change is welcome

What will we do now:

  • Create a slack channel for ML as an open forum for mec ML enthusiast.
  • We will then try and get our hands on git and github preferably get comfortable with it (A github account speaks louder than a resume ).
  • Next task is to get a basic understanding on how various API’s and program libraries and header files are used in general.
  • Get to know API’s and libraries specific for Machine Learning.
  • Get understanding of how some basic algorithms work
  • Individually work on some miroprojects.