Hi, these are the milestones for web development. The web development team is lead by a group of people similar to you with a bit more experience than you. Our goal is to transfer our knowledge and help you in all ways possible to introduce you and make you contribute to the world of Open Source and web development, for that you’ll have to work with us constantly and consistently with dedication till a FOSS culture is set up in MEC. As the web development team of FOSS, it will be our duty to take care of the FOSS website, and in future build a better, more dynamic website for the college. For that the milestones set up by us, the mentors of this team are,

Immediate Milestones:

  • Setting up a Web-Dev Channel on Slack and building a team and collaboration.
  • Allocating Mentors for the team and training them in their interested fields.
  • Familiarisation with Git and Git based Hosting services like Github.
  • Familiarisation with Linux.
  • Teaching web basics
  • Basics of Web based framework and introduction to Frontend and backend technologies.

Semester 2 and vacation:

  • Trying to work on sample projects lead by team heads.
  • Team division (Front-end/Back-end)
  • Start project : FOSSMec Website
  • Finding out real Open Source projects the team members are interested in contributing in.

Semester 3:

  • Start contributing to real Open Source projects.
  • Making the current first years as team leaders of next batch of students to introduce them to the world of open source.
  • Tranforming team members into full stack web developers who are able to cope up with all kind of dynamic requests and build whatever you can imagine with ease.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, do message us in web-development team in slack. :)

Web Development team mentors,

  • Adarsh S (Frontend/Python/Django)
  • Adarsh P Menon
  • Ashwin Nair
  • Jithin James
  • Hariraj K