Web development

Hi, these are the milestones for web development. The web development team is lead by a group of people similar to you with a bit more experience than you. Our goal is to transfer our knowledge and help you in all ways possible to introduce you and make you contribute to the world of Open Source and web development, for that you’ll have to work with us constantly and consistently with dedication till a FOSS culture is set up in MEC. As the web development team of FOSS, it will be our duty to take care of the FOSS website, and in future build a better, more dynamic website for the college. For that the milestones set up by us, the mentors of this team are,

Os development

‘LINUX’ is the word which first hits your mind on hearing FOSS.Well it should be.Linux was an effort of Linus Torvalds and many others in developing a unix-like OS.In fact, we use GNU/Linux operating systems with linux at the kernel.The GNU project and Linux started around the same time with similar motivation ‘a free and opensource counterpart for unix’.They were partially completed and merged to create a standalone OS. Most of the kernel side implementation belonged to linux and the interface and programs belonged to GNU.So next time you say linux think again and get used to say GNU/Linux.

Machine Learning and AI

What is ML and AI ?

Nature has always inspired man.Birds which transformed to aircraft and fish which transformed to boats and submarines and even more. After all, what do we have after a man. Humans are known for their intelligent ways of interaction with their environment.Understanding and cloning such capabilities has been the dream for the founding fathers of Artificial Intelligence.When learning got attributed to the human inteligence the field of research turned its focus to the natural learning workflows. Mathematical modelling of the situation and rigorous mathematical formulations by the masterminds through ages has evolved to the field of Machine Learning.Informally it has been defined as “the ability of a machine to achieve a task without being explicitly programmed for”. ML can be considered as the road to the dream of AI. Certain methods in ML together called Deep Learning is the next best thing for the field.Deep learning methods have been employed in enumerous tasks which could have been impossible otherwise. Some samples below

Android development

Sem2 Milestones :

  • Basic Java programming (focusing on Android essentials)
  • The Android Studio and its Architecture
  • Designing apps using XML
  • Introduction to EditText, TextViews, Buttons and listeners.